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To create a safer environment for online activities through applying a series of unique software applications and advanced settings that will minimize unauthorized tracking by applications.

Being tracked by programs and applications on the internet is a reality that we need to realize and manage. Various programs and software platforms collects personal data from the web user in order to “create a better experience”. You have no control over this data collection or whether it is really used for the purpose intended. We also have no control over the safeguarding and use of that information collected by websites and 3rd parties.

In order to create a safer internet experience, we are introducing an absolutely unique and unequaled safety intervention to protect yourself and your family from being tracked, harassed and being inundated with spam and advertisements.

Browsing the internet can be an upsetting and annoying experience when you are bombarded with unwanted pop-ups and sometimes unwanted graphical material and advertisements. It is annoying or even sometimes of embarrassing nature. These unwanted advertisements and graphical material can be undesirable, especially contaminating the young and innocent when exposed to this type of material.

Our unique safety solution, which is software based, is used internationally and enables you to have a safer browser experience, but still allow you to browse any site or platform that you personally prefer, thus there are no restrictions to your browsing habits. The solution gives YOU the control over your personal information and denies webpages to collect any data from your computer.

The application is a once-off setup and will then automatically perform certain privacy functions in the background without interfering with your normal internet browsing routines. Installed privacy measures will allow a safer internet browsing experience with private information being protected.


People who takes their privacy serious who need to use advanced software settings on their devices to combat online tracking.

Technical Skills Required

Delegates must be at least 12 years of age.

Delegates must be able to change basic privacy settings on their devices.

Delegates must be conversant with basic download of applications and installation thereof.

Delegates must have a basic understanding of communicating on social media networks.

These are basic skills that most people are familiar with.


4 Hours


  • Take note that this session is an offline theoretical session. Should the attendee prefer to work online, the attendee will be responsible for his or her own internet access.
  • When service providers upgrade their software, it may happen that some of the settings may return to default settings. The delegate will be empowered to change the advanced settings, if and when required. The delegate will also be able to affect these changes on his or her other devices.


Search engines, advanced settings, content blocking and more

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