basics of computer crimes and internet usage

The Basics of Computers, Computer Crimes and Safe Internet Usage


To enable internet users to protect themselves and use the World Wide Web in a safe manner and protecting their personal information.

Informative about Tech

This intervention promise to be highly informative and will be advantageous for young and old. Any person who can browse the internet will be able to deal with the content of this intervention.

Due to online crime this very basic training intervention has been designed to inform people about the safe use of online web pages, browsing and how to protect your personal information against adverse conditions and circumstances, such as online scams and more.

We believe that internet users need to be educated in the dangers of online web browsing in order to make informed decisions pertaining to suspicious activities on the internet. Only if we are informed, we can identify possible criminal elements and risky situations.

This session strives to educate people to manage their online profile.


Everyone who uses online browsing, search engines and emails

Technical Skills Required

Delegates must be able to change basic privacy settings on their devices.

Delegates must be at least 12 years of age.

Delegates must be able to change basic privacy settings on their devices.

Delegates must be conversant with basic download of applications and installation thereof.

Delegates must have a basic understanding of communicating on social media networks.

These are basic skills that most people are familiar with.


4 Hours


  • Note that younger attendees may find some topics uncomfortable. Although these topics are not discussed in depth, it is mentioned. There are no explicit material used.
  • A parent that prefers to attend with a child of 16 years and younger, may attend free of charge. (Prior arrangements need to be made in order to reserve seating).


Some of the issues under discussion will be computer crimes, cyber security, security settings, scams and more.

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