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Cross in the sky full of clouds

When one hears the word “airtime”
you instinctively think of cellphones ...

Life in the Spirit

Life in the spirit

When you look at the events taking place in the world, one cannot help to wonder where everything is going.

The new Jerusalem

The NEW JERUSALEM, as described in Revelations 21, the city where God...

All about Servanthood Evangelism

Evangelism is described as
“the activity of Christians, spreading the
Good News of Jesus Christ...

An Almighty God

We tend to accept the might and power of God in our daily lives as if...

The Worthless Life

In Ecclesiastes 12, Old Testament, we find some thoughts about the “Teacher”. The Teacher says...

The Christian Benefits

Every now and then we need to consider benefits. This normally happens when we buy something or ..

Paul’s Prayer for Colossae

Paul’s prayer in Colossians 1 is a prayer that he prayed for the Christians in Colosse. In other words...

The Salvation

If you want to have a relationship with the living God, all you have to do is...

Wisdom in a Worldly Mess

Does it take a lot of wisdom to see the state of the world? Surely not...

Denying God

A well-known politician was recently asked about her religion.
This took place on a well-known television network...